Custom downpipe and turbo inlet pipe

As I’m fitting a non-standard turbo, I had to manufacture a new downpipe for the exhaust and a new turbo inlet pipe in addition to several other hoses and fittings. As I have never done this before, it was a good learning process and the result did turn out well enough.


The main goal here is to create a short pipe section that runs from the turbo to the original post-cat exhaust stub as the original cat does not fit the new turbo. The turbo (GT2860RS) came with a short 5-hole to 3in v-band fitting. For the other end, I cut of the other flange from the original cat. I bought several 3in pipes and bends in addition to a 3in to 2.5in reduction pipe as the original flange did not fit the 3in pipe directly. I welded the pipe together using a MIG with flux-core thread, which turned out ok, but the flux-core creates a lot of spatter and take a lot of work to get “pretty”. I might invest in some gas for my next project…

Turbo Inlet Pipe (TIP)

As the original TIP didn’t fit the new turbos 3in inlet port, I had to make a new one. In addition to this, the new turbo sits closer to the front of the car than the original one making it hard to route a 3in pipe passed the headlight to the original position of the air filter. I had to route the pipe downwards under the front-bumper brace and outwards to the right side just behind the fog-light. I’m worried that this might cause issues in heavy rain if the air filter sucks in water, so I might create some kind of a shield protecting the air filter from water splashes.  

Oil pan and failed turbo particles

When I changed the oil-return pipe, I noticed something that looked like ball-bearing parts sitting in the oil-return hole in the oil pan. I decided to take of the oil pan to clean it and at the same time clean the oil-pickup pipe for the oil pump. Good thing I did as I found more shattered turbo-parts in the oil pan when I got it off the engine. I also found one of the engine mounts being broken, so I decided to replace both. I am also replacing the front engine snub mount and the sway bar end links.