[S2] Finally registered

After working on the car over the winter, I finally got it registered with the Norwegian DMV! Since I had fitted a lowering kit, I had to show it at the DMV to get special approval. Feels great to finally have it road-approved!

I did show the car at the Norwegian VW-Audi club and Norsk Sportsvogn klubb “spring meetup” last weekend and it was popular amongst the people attending the events. I’ll post a couple of photos, the first from VW-Audi club and the second from Norsk Sportsvogn klubb. I have two sets of summer tires, the white OZ racing wheels are fitted with road approved slicks while the BBS LM lookalikes are fitted with some old plain summer tires. I will probably get some new summer tires on the BBS LM ones, might try 235/40-18 to see if they will fit.

VW-Audi spring meet-up
Norsk Sportsvogn klubb spring meet-up