Project one: Audi A4 B6

My “first” car project – the Audi A4 B6 1.8T Quattro.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for motorised vehicles. I grew up on a small farm in rural Norway, drove a tractor long before I could reach the pedals and have been living in the garage for the most part of my youth. Friends came by with their mopeds, tractors, cars, lawn movers, go-carts, snowmobiles – well, pretty much anything with an engine really. My first car was a ’88 Ford Sierra 2.0CL sedan for which I replaced the engine three times. The first two I had to change because I had fitted an upgraded cam shaft which caused me to over-rev the engine as it had no such thing as a rev-limiter… It was originally fitted with a carburettor, but I rebuilt the entire car with all the electronics to an injection (EFI) system when I bought a ’94 engine from a friend who upgraded his to a newer 16valve DOHC version. As I started my higher education, I kinda left the passion for cars on hold for 10years or so before I decided to bring it back about a year ago. 

I’ve always wanted a turbocharged four-wheel drive car so I started keeping my eye out for used cars that matched the specifications I wanted. After  a while I found a used ’02 Audi A4 B6 1.8T Quattro which had seen better days…. The turbo was broken, the radiator leaking and a hole lot of other small issues. As I wanted to get to know the car and wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty, I decided to buy it!

Audi A4 B6 day of purchase

I’ve spent long hours fixing it up and it has turned out pretty good. Lots of good help from friends dropping by is much appreciated!

I love driving the car and after the modifications i have made to it, it’s not a bad car at all. I’ll list the parts I have replaced and the parts I have upgraded and will update this list as new modifications are being made.


  • A4 2010 Alcantara leather seats
  • 2-din center console
  • 3-spoke S-line steering wheel
  • Oil pressure gauge w/sensor
  • Boost pressure gauge
  • B-pillar airbag crash sensor passenger side
  • Cupholder


  • Fog lights
  • Cupra front lip

Suspension and drivetrain

  • RS4 rear anti-roll bar (link)
  • Bilstein B8 Sport shocks all around (front / rear)
  • Front and rear strut mounts (front / rear)
  • 40mm stiffer lowering springs
  • Front anti-roll bar bushings and end-links (left / right)
  • Replaced rear differential w/new oil
  • New wheel bearings all around (rear / front)
  • new steering rack end links (link)
  • 18″ summer and winter wheels
  • Changed transmission fluid/oil
  • 321mm EBC ventilated and slotted front disks
  • EBC yellow-stuff brake pads
  • 2006 A4 B7 2.0T front brake callipers for 321mm brake disks


  • Garret GT2860RS turbo (link)
  • 3″ custom downpipe
  • 3″ custom TIP with cone air filter
  • Simons 2.5″ sports exhaust
  • 034 motorsport diverter valve (link)
  • Front mounted intercooler (link)
  • 380cc injectors
  • New crank position sensor
  • New MAF
  • New MAP sensor (link)
  • New HUCO reinforced coils and Bosch FR5DPP spark plugs
  • New water pump
  • New cam belt w/tensioner
  • Extra WALBRO inline fuel pump
  • New fuel filter (link)
  • New PCV pressure relief “pancake” valve (link)
  • New PCV valve and connector hose (link / link)
  • New PCV block-breather hose (link)
  • New Vacuum lines and check valves (link)
  • Replaced radiator
  • New thermostat (link)
  • New fan belt
  • New engine mounts (left / right)
  • New engine snub mount (link)
  • Removed secondary air injection system
  • Removed Air condition system
  • New front lambda/O2 sensor
  • Cleaned sump and oil pickup pipe/sieve
  • New intake manifold and throttle body gaskets
  • New clutch pedal switch (link)
  • New oil dipstick and dipstick tube (link)
  • Coolant temperature sensor (link)
  • Coolant expansion tank (link)
18″ wheels