Project two: Audi S2 Coupe

Time to present my second project – The ’91 Audi S2 Coupe!

This car has been a long time dream for me. It has a very nice chassis and the perfect engine; Audis inline 5 turbo engine! I’m not sure whether any other engine sounds as good as the inline 5, 2.2 turbo engine fitted to the S2 (among other Audis of the same time period).

The car needs a lot of work. All the interior is stripped, the engine needs a good service and the exhaust has seen better days… The exterior is actually quite good, no surface rust, but it needs a good buffing to make it shine. It is mostly original, but it did come with an RS2 front bumper.

Short time plans:

  • Strip the rest of the interior parts to check the chassis for rust and fix it
  • Fit an upgraded heater matrix along with the climate controls
  • Clean the interior carpet and parts
  • Refit the interior
  • Change engine fluids and the serpentine belt as well as the fan belt
  • Get the car registered with the Norwegian DMV

Long time plans:

  • Take the engine and drivetrain out of the car and replace/upgrade all parts