[S2] First test drive

It’s been a long time coming, but last week, I finally went to the DMV to buy temporary license plates for the weekend. I was really excited to try the car as I’ve never driven an S2. I did drive a 2.8 V6 Audi 80 a couple of years ago so I expected it to be somewhat similar to that one, just slightly more powerful. Boy was I surprised! It’s nothing that can compare to the sound of the Audi I5 2.2l turbo engine when it comes on boost 🙂 Almost everything worked flawlessly throughout the two days of driving, although there were some issues. The driver side door latch kept slipping out of its second stage notch and the horn didn’t work but these were easily fixed. The main issue were the brakes. Since I bought the car, the red brake warning light has been flashing every time I turned on the ignition. I thought this was because there were no pressure in the system and that it would fix itself once I got it driving a bit, but it unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. The warning light did go away once I got some revs on the engine, but it came back under hard braking or braking while the engine was idling. I deduced that it had to be the brake pressure accumulator, aka the Bomb, as the symptoms of a broken accumulator were exactly the same as I had. I also had an issue with the left rear brake getting stuck while driving so I decided to replace it. I’m not a hundre percent sure what got stuck so I’m gonna replace the disc, the pads, brake lines and fluids as well as refreshing the seals in the caliper using a rep-kit.

I’ve ordered new parts, so now it’s just to play the waiting game.

I’ll add some pictures of the car with the summer tires. I’m still not sure if I like em though, might swap them for some other ones during the summer.