[S2] Engine service

After completing the interior, it was time to go take a look at the engine. I had no information about when the cam-belt was last changed and I suspected the head gasket to be bad, so I decided to take the top off and change whatever I could find that looked old, broken or should be changed considering the car is almost 30 years old. I’ll type a list of parts I changed and post some pictures. The job was easy enough, but I took my time and fixed whatever I saw necessary.

Changed parts:

  • Head gasket and head cover seal
  • Cam-belt
  • Water pump
  • Front crank seal
  • Engine mounts
  • Steering damper
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil filter
  • Engine oil, power steering oil, coolant and brake fluid
  • Clutch master and slave sylinder
  • Replaced bad cooling and vacuum hoses
  • Spark plugs
  • Exhaust and inlet manifold gaskets

I also fitted the original air filter box, but I’m missing the heat shield towards the turbo and exhaust. Guess I’ll have to make something.

Good thing I decided to take the turbo water and oil lines of. The last guy working on the car had used liquid gaskets, and applied too much.. The hole was almost completely clogged up and would certainly be the end of the turbo.

[S2] Replacing clutch master and slave sylinder

The clutch pedal on the S2 felt a little weird and it would not release the entire way before you helped it by dragging it with your foot. I decided to replace the master and slave sylinder instead as the parts aren’t that expensive. As I currently have the top of the engine, access was easy and the job was a quick one. Spent some time bleeding the new system, but the result was a much better clutch feel and the pedal now extends the whole way without needing help.

[S2] Fixing front fog lights

I had to fix one of the front fog lights as the glass was broken. Both lights had become very gray and old-looking so I decided to replace the glass in both of them. I discovered that the fog lights were from an old Porsche 993 and not the original Audi S2. The front fender is an aftermarket fender which does not use the original lights.After a bit of searching, I got hold of a set of replacement glasses on eBay.

The glass replacement was a straight forward job. A little fiddling getting the old glasses out, but it turned out ok.

[S2] Suspension upgrade complete

I completed fitted all the suspension upgrades and put the car back down on its wheels. It looks good, but I will need to do a little tweaking to the ride height and do a four-wheel alignment before it is road ready.

I found that the rear toe adjustment bars were too long so I had to fit the original ones, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

I had to create new break hard-lines between the two flexible ones on the front dampeners as the nuts were completely fused with the original lines and broke when I tried to get them off.

In addition to this, I had to cut a hole in the chassis to be able to get one of the bolts holding the rear subframe out. It was completely rusted to the threaded plate/nut in the chassis. I found a piece of steel plate which I welded back in the hole and added some rust protection.